What about the brotherhood?

About 10% of the people who come to Medi Weight Loss are men. The irony of this is that men are extremely successful on our program because they lose weight faster. Men have testosterone which gives them a higher percentage of muscle than fat, unlike a woman who was designed to carry more fat for childbearing. When men start our program and stick to the plan they lose weight quickly and see dramatic results earlier than women on the same program. One study even showed that men love their meat and women love their carbohydrates. That alone can explain why men generally adapt to a ketogenic diet more smoothly.

So what about the overweight men out there? Why am I excluding them in this blog? I am not excluding them at all. In fact if you are a man you are more than welcome here to read and participate. Just because it appears that I am only speaking to and about women I am not. The fact is that the majority of the people who come to Medi are women.  In general, women struggle more with emotional eating than men. Women gravitate to forums like this and women have an enormous pressure put on them by society to fill many roles and  still physically look a certain way. There are always exceptions to these generalities but in general women seem to desire and need this kind of support more than men. But if you are a man and you find this blog helpful then welcome to the group.

Both men and women are welcome here and I feel that both of sexes can glean something. I never mean to exclude or discriminate against any gender so please do not to any offense to a word like “sisterhood”.

Weight issues cross both genders, races, religions and all socio-economic classes.

Again, men, I welcome you and strongly encourage you to glean what you can from this blog to help you on your weight loss journey.


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