Thinking about Winter Exercise?

My husband just walked in the room and informed me that the weather in 5 days is expected to be 55 during the day and 37 at night. That is a BIG drop in the temperatures and it’s only mid-september!

At Medi we strongly encourage exercise and try to have each patient find something that they can enjoy doing to move those muscles. I am starting to worry about all my cardio ladies who have spent the last couple months walking each day. What will they do? Walk inside on a treadmill? Give  up exercising or find something else?  In an effort to try to head off the weather excuses, I am collecting exercise DVDs to create a library for everyone to use.

Each week patients can peruse the DVDs and see if there is one they want to check out (free of charge) to try that week. If they do not like it then they can return it and swap it out for other one. If they love it then they can go purchase a copy for themselves.

My plan is to have this collection ready October 1. If you have any exercise DVDs that you do not use and would like to donate please bring them to your next appointment and I will add them to the collection.

So when you come in with a “the-weather-is-so-cold-and-miserable-that-I-can’t-exercise” excuse I will be pointing you toward the DVD collection in the lobby!


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