Sorry for going offline–AGAIN!

I put off writing this blog post because I was lazy. I was lacking the words to express my thoughts. I was just procrastinating and allowing the dead of winter to get to me. Even though we had some really amazing weather in February I could not get motivated. I stayed busy with other things. It was not like I was sitting around stuffing my face. I continued to workout every evening but I felt stagnant, if that makes any sense. It was so easy to binge on old tv series. I had friends constantly telling me to check out a specific show so I spent way too many hours watching multiple seasons of old shows to feel like I was back “in the loop” of pop culture.

Recently, I noticed something interesting. My eating was not horrific in terms of what I was eating but I was being sloppy and eating more than what my body needed. Wings at BDubs? No problem. Pizza on Sunday night? Sure. More desserts than usual due to multiple restaurant visits? Yup. Popcorn with that series binge? Of course. Snacking throughout the day rather than eating meals? Daily. More glasses of wine than just one night a week? Check.

All of this added up to unwanted pounds in my belly. My pants were tight and it looked BAD. I continued my workouts but the added calories were not erased when I exercised. What was interesting to me was that my jeans fit tightly BUT in the past if I had weighed that and not exercised I would never have gotten into those jeans in the first place. Exercise tones-no doubt about it, but one cannot out train a bad diet.

I have to stand up in a May wedding. When I saw the dress that was enough to kick my ass into high gear and start changing my habits. I also changed up my workout. I decided to try Shaun T’s T25 (Beachbody). Lots of jumping which you know I am NOT a fan of but I am enduring. Only on Day three so we will see how long I last. Miss those weights but after one month of training, supposedly weights will be reintroduced. Only my calves are sore so I am a tad worried I am not working hard enough. I guess we will see. I can barely get through the whole 25 minutes without some 10 second rests. I know I suck at cardio. I have big hopes for this program so I expect results.

My dress was scheduled to be in by mid April but I just got an email that it was shipped. I will soon see how it will fit and how much back fat I will need to lose. That dress hanging there will be good motivation. Interestingly for me, staying motivated to workout is much easier than controlling my eating. I know my body and its limit is nor more than 1100-1200 calories per day. One splurge a few times a week is OK but my body will pack on the pounds if I splurge daily. Do you do things anyway, even though you know you shouldn’t? Thats me. I just went with the flow and it made me fall back into a world of regret. As fast as I slip, I can quickly fix it with slower results. That is the answer isn’t it? To fix it.

Don’t stay stagnant like I did. MOVE! Make the change. The quicker we change, the faster the result and no regrets.

Summer bodies are made in the winter!



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