Coconut Oil Rocks!

I am a HUGE fan of coconut oil. I use it in place of all of my cooking oils. It has a high smoke point so it does not become toxic like vegetable oils do when they are heated.

In the 1970’s coconut oil got a bed rep because it contains saturated fat which at the time was thought to cause heart disease. That has been proven false.

When you shop for Coconut Oil it is very important that you purchase a high quality brand that has these things;

Is Organic & Virgin Cold Pressed

Never buy one that is refined and not virgin pressed. First, it is not as healthy and second you will have a strong coconut flavor. When you cook with a cold pressed virgin coconut oil the flavor is so mild that you do not taste any coconut.

Nutiva is an excellent brand. It is usually found in the Natural Foods Aisle. This is where the better coconut oils are found. Often the refined, lesser quality one are in the regular aisle with the vegetable oils.


And throw away that Pam and use this cooking spray. It is also found in the natural foods aisle. Coconut oil is not cheap. It can run about $12-15 for a small tub of it and about $7 for a spray can. Pricy but it’s worth the money.



Coconut Oil is just an amazing superfood. Check out the 101 uses for it.

101 Uses of Coconut Oil

My fave way use? Go make popcorn on the stove with Coconut Oil. It is so delicious and has a wonderful flavor that in my opinion does not need butter added.

Gotta have Faith



I LOVE my patients at Medi. Being able to meet such great people every day is so fulfilling. It is truly the reason I love being there every day.

Today Alice came in and surprised me with my first gift. I have been seeing her for about 3 months and she has lost 20# so far. It has been an emotional summer for her as she dealt with aging parents. But she continued to lose weight and eat right despite the huge stresses life put on her plate and she did not turn to food to relieve her stress. I am so proud of her.

She gave me this bracelet that is white with silver sparkles and it says FAITH on it. I have thought about that word throughout the day and how applicable it is to so much, and I also wondered if there was a specific reason Alice chose this word for me. She never said and maybe she never had to say anything.

What is Faith?  One of the best definitions I have found of faith is:

‘Faith is the daring of the soul to go farther than it can see”

Alice had faith in me and the program that it would help her lose weight. I had faith in her that she could be successful. Alice had to find the faith in herself to break bad habits and push herself to go where she felt her body needed to go. We had faith that our slowly developing friendship was going to go beyond the counseling room. We have discussed our common parenting struggles and have faith that things will one day work out with our children. And of course there is religious faith. I do not know how religious Alice is I consider myself fairly religious. My belief in one G-d is paramount to everything in my life. Perhaps this quote is applicable to what I am saying;


So this simple one word bracelet holds a lot of meaning for me. I am so thankful for the people G-d has put in my life and the privilege of being part of so many other people’s lives. Faith is what sustains me and all of us at Medi. We are cheering for everyone and we are sincerely happy when you are successful.

Thank you Alice!




Just had to add up those Olive Garden Calories


Ok so I get a little obsessive when my nutritional cage gets rattled by marketing ploys. I just cannot stop thinking about the feed lot mentality that Olive Garden opened to their customers a few days ago. They offered limited 7 week passes for an all you can eat pasta, salad, breadsticks and Coke for $100. For seven weeks the pass holder can mass feed themselves at Olive Garden on a $100 pass.

I went to Calorie King and added up a meal. I started on the conservative side but even that makes the numbers shocking.

1 Serving of Salad

2 Bread sticks

1 Spaghetti Dinner with meat sauce

1 12 oz. Coke

Total Calories: 1283

Total Carbs 197  

To put the carbs in perspective. 197 carbs would be 6 1/2 days of Medi Acute Phase carbs.

Let’s assume you wanted to exercise this off you would have to

Walk 357 minutes (6 hours)

Jog 146 minutes (2 hrs and 26 mins)

Take note that I only calculated ONE Pasta Dinner and ONE Coke and ONE serving of Salad. This would be more typical of average visit to Olive Garden. BUT if someone goes in and indulges by having Two plates of Pasta and two Cokes and more salad and bread sticks the numbers change to:

2 Servings of Salad

4 Breadsticks

2 Spaghetti Dinners with meat Sauce

2 Cokes

Total Calories: 2566 (This one meal for exceeds the calories for most people in one day)

Total Carbs 520 (17 days of Medi Acute Phase carbs)

To exercise that off you would have to

Walk 712 minutes (11 hours and 52 min)

Jog 293 minutes (4 hours and 53 min)

What is even more shocking about these numbers is that same person will be returning to Olive Garden multiple times in 7 weeks to eat more. It is not as if this is a one time splurge.

And it would also be safe to assume that the person who is going to be feeding at Olive Garden in the next 7 weeks will not be our Olympic and professional athletes.

So there you have it folks. The numbers don’t lie.

Medi friends: Do not fall victim to this type of insane marketing. Skip Olive Garden and buy this t-shirt instead. It’s cheaper and its calorie free!



GB Olive Garden Sold out of Pasta Passes

Just heard from a co-worker that the Green Bay Olive Garden sold out of their $100 Pasta Passes that I wrote about in yesterday’s post.

Seriously people???!!!!

We, at Medi were thinking of offering free weigh ins for anyone who bought one of these 7 week passes. If you know of anyone participating in that offer please put me in touch with me  because I would sure like to watch their weight over the next few weeks. I would also like to understand what they are thinking or maybe what they are not thinking.



A Pinterest find

I thought these were unique weight loss tips. I connected with #20 because I try and not compare my body to other bodies. I have seen enough bodies at Medi to really comprehend the fact that we are each soooooo different and 99.9% of us were never designed to be supermodels. Set your own personal goals and look at no one else.


I have this lingering obsession with wanting Michele Obama arms. I have worked very hard to sculpt my arms and up until recently I accepted the fact that I will never have Michele’s arm unless I lose about 15 more pounds and that is probably not going to happen. But I admit that my arms look a hell of a lot better than they did one year ago so I give myself credit for that. I really try to not strive for something unreasonable. Thin Michele arms are NOT in my genetic code.


Check these tips out and let me know which ones you will try.

21 Weight Loss Tips You’ve Probably Never Tried (with pictures).