I hate to exercise!



Yes, you read that right. I hate to sweat. I hate to breathe heavy. I hate the muscle strain and in general I really hate to exercise. It is 9:00 Sunday night and I cannot find the motivation. I can think of at least 15 other things I need to be doing and exercise is not one of the ones I want to do. It does not even make the list. I would rather scrub toilets, balance a checkbook or iron clothes rather than exercise. And I really, really hate to iron.

I look at my co-worker Cindy who is a personal trainer and marvel at how she is so pumped up about working out.  I cannot even begin to comprehend a person who loves exercise so much that they make it their career.  I watch people who run miles and miles and envy that desire. Olympic athletes are like gods to me.  I secretly wish I was a cross fitter. When I walk into Dick’s Sporting Goods and Scheels I oogle over the cute athletic clothes I wish I could proudly wear as a true athlete.  But I do not even bother to try them on because they make me feel like fraud.

So….do I exercise? YUP. Almost every day. I do strength training for 30 minutes every evening at least 5-6 days a week.  In my head I secretly whine my way to the yoga mat and complain the whole time I am engaged in misery. How do I do it? I JUST DO IT. Like a Nike commercial.

After dinner I become a robot. I go put on my workout clothes whether I feel like it or not. Then I do about 5 other tasks that I think need to get done, when in reality they could wait. As the time ticks away I keep pushing it off because remember I am busy doing those “important tasks” that couldn’t wait. Like write a blog.  I will look at the clock and then say, “Anna you will go start your exercise because in 30 minutes you will be done.” And then I go do it. I don’t wait for any more motivation or feelings of  thin-spiration. I put in that DVD, push play and do what I am told to do via the DVD.

I get in the zone of “I-hate-this-but-I-am-going-to-do-it-anyway-because-I-am-following-orders.”That is how I think or actually I do NOT think. I just do.

Thirty Minutes later I am covered in sweat, panting and a new feeling washes over me. It’s a “That felt so good and I am so glad I did it.” There is never a feeling of regret after I am done. I think that feeling is what keeps me exercising regularly. I quickly head to the shower and that feeling of being clean and getting into my pajamas is the best. I mentally cross exercise off my list and revel in doing whatever else I can do before going to bed.

If you lack the desire and passion to workout is there a trick? A way to motivate you? Magazines and advice columns will tell you to get a exercise buddy OR pick a sport you really love to do OR just go walk. I suppose if those work for you then great. But if not, because you are tired OR you had a bad day OR the weather outside is too cold/hot OR your just too busy, then do what I do—Get in the automated zone and JUST DO IT.

Always be stronger than your excuses.

Don’t think about it.

Don’t try to have good intentions to exercise.

Just do it and be done.

Then savor that no regrets feeling.

Mrs. Roboto is signing off to go exercise…..



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