Destined to be Fat?

Sometimes I feel like our country is destined to be fat. No matter how much people are educated about nutrition, no matter how many healthy options people are given it seems that Americans will continue to dig their own grave with their knife and fork.

I saw this in a recent Sept 8 Time Magazine:

How bad is the obesity epidemic? If current trends continue 100% of Americans will be overweight or obese by 2048.

A high number does not surprise me because I know that the obesity trend is high but I wondered how much of an exaggeration is 100% ? There are ALWAYS skinny people around right? There are those who can eat anything and never gain a pound and then there are anorexics. But 100% of people? Was it 99% and the surveyors  just rounded up?

Accurate or not it is a shocking statistic that should give us a reason to stop and really think about that.

In today’s Green Bay Press Gazette the following online poll was taken by it’s readers.

Question: What healthy habits do you struggle with?

32% Losing weight

32% Exercising

Eating right 28%

Quitting smoking 6%

After I read that poll I flipped through the paper and saw this:


I had to read this clip three times in order to believe what I was reading. $100 Never Ending Pasta Pass to eat unlimited pasta, salad, breadsticks and Coke for seven weeks!!!!!!!  That is a carb loading, insulin spiking fest if I ever saw one. Those poor 1,000 people chosen will feel like they are gaining a food perk when in reality they will be gaining pounds and indulging in horrible eating habits.  Will other restaurants follow this trend? Maybe the Time statistic isn’t exaggerated after all.

In the Green Bay area losing weight and exercise are tied and slightly behind  was eating right. These are common problems among the local population and Olive Garden is not helping their struggle.  I cannot help but give a HUGE shoutout to my Medi patients who have taken the bold step of getting serious about tackling these issues and being proactive.

It takes a huge amount of courage to walk into the Medi clinic and ask for help. It is embarrassing and people feel a deep sense of shame when we meet them. I am so proud of all of you who walk through our doors. Like a crumbling marriage, the ones who acknowledge the problem and seek counseling are always better off. Suffering in a prideful silence helps no one. There is never shame in asking for help, whether it is with your marriage, your weight or an addiction. All of us at one point in our lives will need the help of someone and at Medi we feel privileged to help all of you. I sincerely mean that.

Strive every day to not be part of the trend. Create new healthy habits. Do not fall prey to cheap food gluttony. At Medi we are excited to help you and there isn’t a staff member there who has not struggled through at least one of those healthy habits listed above. And as many of you hear me tell you at the end of every visit…

“Stay Strong and stay focused! Keep on keeping on!”







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