Checking in with T25

Started Shaun T’s T25 one week ago. What do I think?

Hmm I wonder if the T stands for









I HATE it! I do it and I barely get through the 25 minutes but I hate every minute of it because it is painful and it involves everything I hate about working out. Literally EVERYTHING! I don’t know how long I will last but I am willing to keep going for another week. I added another 45 minutes weight lifting workout to it at the end just to get some of my confidence back.  Thank goodness no one is watching me attempt this workout. I look ridiculous. It is filled with LOTS of jumping. I thought I had strong legs. WRONG! I thought I had powerful calves. NOT EVEN CLOSE! My aerobic ability is bad.

Cannot recommend it unless you like this sort of thing. Fans of Insanity will like it. I wonder if I will ever really adjust and improve. It is hard to see at this point. I do not think I ever started a workout and felt so defeated so quickly. But I will endure and plod on.

Stay Tuned!


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