Destined to be Fat?

Sometimes I feel like our country is destined to be fat. No matter how much people are educated about nutrition, no matter how many healthy options people are given it seems that Americans will continue to dig their own grave with their knife and fork.

I saw this in a recent Sept 8 Time Magazine:

How bad is the obesity epidemic? If current trends continue 100% of Americans will be overweight or obese by 2048.

A high number does not surprise me because I know that the obesity trend is high but I wondered how much of an exaggeration is 100% ? There are ALWAYS skinny people around right? There are those who can eat anything and never gain a pound and then there are anorexics. But 100% of people? Was it 99% and the surveyors  just rounded up?

Accurate or not it is a shocking statistic that should give us a reason to stop and really think about that.

In today’s Green Bay Press Gazette the following online poll was taken by it’s readers.

Question: What healthy habits do you struggle with?

32% Losing weight

32% Exercising

Eating right 28%

Quitting smoking 6%

After I read that poll I flipped through the paper and saw this:


I had to read this clip three times in order to believe what I was reading. $100 Never Ending Pasta Pass to eat unlimited pasta, salad, breadsticks and Coke for seven weeks!!!!!!!  That is a carb loading, insulin spiking fest if I ever saw one. Those poor 1,000 people chosen will feel like they are gaining a food perk when in reality they will be gaining pounds and indulging in horrible eating habits.  Will other restaurants follow this trend? Maybe the Time statistic isn’t exaggerated after all.

In the Green Bay area losing weight and exercise are tied and slightly behind  was eating right. These are common problems among the local population and Olive Garden is not helping their struggle.  I cannot help but give a HUGE shoutout to my Medi patients who have taken the bold step of getting serious about tackling these issues and being proactive.

It takes a huge amount of courage to walk into the Medi clinic and ask for help. It is embarrassing and people feel a deep sense of shame when we meet them. I am so proud of all of you who walk through our doors. Like a crumbling marriage, the ones who acknowledge the problem and seek counseling are always better off. Suffering in a prideful silence helps no one. There is never shame in asking for help, whether it is with your marriage, your weight or an addiction. All of us at one point in our lives will need the help of someone and at Medi we feel privileged to help all of you. I sincerely mean that.

Strive every day to not be part of the trend. Create new healthy habits. Do not fall prey to cheap food gluttony. At Medi we are excited to help you and there isn’t a staff member there who has not struggled through at least one of those healthy habits listed above. And as many of you hear me tell you at the end of every visit…

“Stay Strong and stay focused! Keep on keeping on!”







Where are you in the Hot-Crazy Matrix?


Just a heads up that this post has NOTHING to do with weight loss. It is a humorous addition to my recent post about men and publicly clarifying that men are welcome on this site. Just as an added bonus I am going to post this video for our men to reiterate that we women can be pretty crazy sometimes, or at least a 4 as stated in the video.

This is kind of an old video but my husband & I get a lot of laughs out of it. I am going to tell you right now that I am not always politically correct and I LOVE humor like this. Silly but clever women vs men humor that always has grains of truth running through it. Come on now ladies, lets laugh and admit its mostly true!


Hot Crazy Matrix – A Man’s Guide to Women – YouTube.

Thinspirational quotes

I LOVE inspiring quotes.  I have  collected all sorts of uplifting quotes throughout the years. I started young when I fell in love with the winning quotes of Vince Lombardi. From there my collections just grew and grew.

Originally when I created this blog I wanted a daily quote that I could control. Something on the side of the front page but I am not a tekkie and could not figure out how to do that. The best I could do was find a quote plugin (thats what you call those added bonus things in blogs) at the bottom of the page but the quotes were not exactly about weight loss. I want it to be THINspirational about weight loss and fitness not generic life lessons.

Therefore I am going to share quotes from time to time. It might be daily, it might not. I don’t want the pressure so quote will come randomly.

My first thinspirational quote is going to be from Vince in honor of Packer season starting and me being born in Green Bay.

“The good Lord gave you a body that can stand most anything. It’s your mind that you have to convince.”


What about the brotherhood?

About 10% of the people who come to Medi Weight Loss are men. The irony of this is that men are extremely successful on our program because they lose weight faster. Men have testosterone which gives them a higher percentage of muscle than fat, unlike a woman who was designed to carry more fat for childbearing. When men start our program and stick to the plan they lose weight quickly and see dramatic results earlier than women on the same program. One study even showed that men love their meat and women love their carbohydrates. That alone can explain why men generally adapt to a ketogenic diet more smoothly.

So what about the overweight men out there? Why am I excluding them in this blog? I am not excluding them at all. In fact if you are a man you are more than welcome here to read and participate. Just because it appears that I am only speaking to and about women I am not. The fact is that the majority of the people who come to Medi are women.  In general, women struggle more with emotional eating than men. Women gravitate to forums like this and women have an enormous pressure put on them by society to fill many roles and  still physically look a certain way. There are always exceptions to these generalities but in general women seem to desire and need this kind of support more than men. But if you are a man and you find this blog helpful then welcome to the group.

Both men and women are welcome here and I feel that both of sexes can glean something. I never mean to exclude or discriminate against any gender so please do not to any offense to a word like “sisterhood”.

Weight issues cross both genders, races, religions and all socio-economic classes.

Again, men, I welcome you and strongly encourage you to glean what you can from this blog to help you on your weight loss journey.


I hate to exercise!



Yes, you read that right. I hate to sweat. I hate to breathe heavy. I hate the muscle strain and in general I really hate to exercise. It is 9:00 Sunday night and I cannot find the motivation. I can think of at least 15 other things I need to be doing and exercise is not one of the ones I want to do. It does not even make the list. I would rather scrub toilets, balance a checkbook or iron clothes rather than exercise. And I really, really hate to iron.

I look at my co-worker Cindy who is a personal trainer and marvel at how she is so pumped up about working out.  I cannot even begin to comprehend a person who loves exercise so much that they make it their career.  I watch people who run miles and miles and envy that desire. Olympic athletes are like gods to me.  I secretly wish I was a cross fitter. When I walk into Dick’s Sporting Goods and Scheels I oogle over the cute athletic clothes I wish I could proudly wear as a true athlete.  But I do not even bother to try them on because they make me feel like fraud.

So….do I exercise? YUP. Almost every day. I do strength training for 30 minutes every evening at least 5-6 days a week.  In my head I secretly whine my way to the yoga mat and complain the whole time I am engaged in misery. How do I do it? I JUST DO IT. Like a Nike commercial.

After dinner I become a robot. I go put on my workout clothes whether I feel like it or not. Then I do about 5 other tasks that I think need to get done, when in reality they could wait. As the time ticks away I keep pushing it off because remember I am busy doing those “important tasks” that couldn’t wait. Like write a blog.  I will look at the clock and then say, “Anna you will go start your exercise because in 30 minutes you will be done.” And then I go do it. I don’t wait for any more motivation or feelings of  thin-spiration. I put in that DVD, push play and do what I am told to do via the DVD.

I get in the zone of “I-hate-this-but-I-am-going-to-do-it-anyway-because-I-am-following-orders.”That is how I think or actually I do NOT think. I just do.

Thirty Minutes later I am covered in sweat, panting and a new feeling washes over me. It’s a “That felt so good and I am so glad I did it.” There is never a feeling of regret after I am done. I think that feeling is what keeps me exercising regularly. I quickly head to the shower and that feeling of being clean and getting into my pajamas is the best. I mentally cross exercise off my list and revel in doing whatever else I can do before going to bed.

If you lack the desire and passion to workout is there a trick? A way to motivate you? Magazines and advice columns will tell you to get a exercise buddy OR pick a sport you really love to do OR just go walk. I suppose if those work for you then great. But if not, because you are tired OR you had a bad day OR the weather outside is too cold/hot OR your just too busy, then do what I do—Get in the automated zone and JUST DO IT.

Always be stronger than your excuses.

Don’t think about it.

Don’t try to have good intentions to exercise.

Just do it and be done.

Then savor that no regrets feeling.

Mrs. Roboto is signing off to go exercise…..



Thinking about Winter Exercise?

My husband just walked in the room and informed me that the weather in 5 days is expected to be 55 during the day and 37 at night. That is a BIG drop in the temperatures and it’s only mid-september!

At Medi we strongly encourage exercise and try to have each patient find something that they can enjoy doing to move those muscles. I am starting to worry about all my cardio ladies who have spent the last couple months walking each day. What will they do? Walk inside on a treadmill? Give  up exercising or find something else?  In an effort to try to head off the weather excuses, I am collecting exercise DVDs to create a library for everyone to use.

Each week patients can peruse the DVDs and see if there is one they want to check out (free of charge) to try that week. If they do not like it then they can return it and swap it out for other one. If they love it then they can go purchase a copy for themselves.

My plan is to have this collection ready October 1. If you have any exercise DVDs that you do not use and would like to donate please bring them to your next appointment and I will add them to the collection.

So when you come in with a “the-weather-is-so-cold-and-miserable-that-I-can’t-exercise” excuse I will be pointing you toward the DVD collection in the lobby!


Understanding Sugar

I have been reading a lot about sugar lately and the research is just NOT good. We have a sugar addiction. This video is an excellent 5 minute explanation about how sugar makes us feel so good. Knowledge is power so resist the urge to turn your brain on to sugar.

REMEMBER: When you see sugar grams on a nutritional label, DIVIDE that number by 4 and that equals the teaspoons of sugar in one serving of that product.




“Maybe the truth is there’s a little bit of loser in all of us you know, being happy isn’t having everything in your life being perfect. Maybe it’s about stringing together all the little things. Making those count more then the bad stuff. Maybe we just get through it and that’s all we can ask for.” ― Ann Brashares, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Six months ago I was encouraged by a close friend to blog. “About what?” I asked her. I had so many strong opinions and insights on random things that she said it did not matter and to just pick something. It seemed so pointless to me. Why blog unless I had a real, useful purpose? I was just living life, raising children and trying to manage a busy household. It had been 20 years since I had been teaching high school history & economics and being a stay at home mom just did not leave me to blog about anything unique that hadn’t already been covered by someone else. I felt that I had no expertise in anything that trumped the blogs that already existed. That was the end of that discussion.

Three months ago I began my new career as a Medi Weight Loss Counselor. It is the perfect job for me because I am such a food nazi. I thrive on meeting new people and love the challenge that comes with helping people eat healthier and lose weight. The De Pere Medi clinic was the first Medi Weight Loss Clinic in Wisconsin.  Those first three months were very busy establishing a clinic routine, learning to use electronic medical records and just figuring out about our patients’ needs, strengths, and weaknesses.

As a become more settled in my job I saw a very clear purpose for a blog.

1. I was learning so many insightful pieces of knowledge about the ketogenic diet, and  I wanted to share them with as many of our patients as I could. This blog allows me to post links and video clips that will educate and enlighten others on the latest, greatest health information.

2. There was a great need for women to feel a sense of commonality with their struggles. So many women were excelling in other parts of their lives and yet their weight was allowing them to feel like a failure. They needed lots of positive reinforcement and a feeling that they were not alone. This blog allows comments to my posts and those comments will give women a platform to express themselves and not feel alone in their weight struggles.

3. My weight loss patients started to view me as a counselor without weight struggles or that I had “arrived” at the end goal and my fight with weight was over. NOTHING could be further from the truth! Perhaps if I debunked that and allowed them into my inner struggles they would feel a sense of sisterhood with me. This blog will show that I am NOT perfect and I, too, struggle. Take note of this post’s title quote!

4. Often my patients ask me questions about what would I buy? What do I eat? What do I feed my kids? Where do I shop? Where did you get that cute outfit? What would I choose to do in a certain situation? This blog will answer those kind of questions and allow others to glean from what I do or not do.

5. And just maybe this can be a place for women to go to when they have that urge to eat but are not hungry. This blog can be a distraction to those urges and give them support outside of a clinic visit.

6. We are always trying new products, promotions and new ideas at De Pere Medi Weight Loss. This blog will help spread that news to everyone who may not see it when they come to the clinic for their weekly visit.


My ultimate goal is to create a sisterhood of ladies from all over northeast WI, from different families with  different body shapes and lots of imperfections but still wear the same “magical”pants that make us feel happy, confident and secure in ourselves. We will look to each other for thin-spiration. As always, a journey is always more fun when you have friends to ride along.

So ready?


Our Journey Begins…..