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I am married to my fabulous husband of 24 years and I am a mom to 5 children ages 21 to 8. (Yup, I birthed them all) A born and bred Wisconsin girl, I was a high school social studies teacher pre-children and then was a stay at home mom with my children for 20 years. I am now a late forty something who loves to read, travel, shop (you can never have enough cowboy boots), and work as a weight loss counselor.

Since I started working as a weight loss counselor at Medi I feel that I have the best job I could ever have dreamed of. Every day I meet new, unique people who I enjoy getting to know and being part of their weight loss journey. I am passionate about teaching nutrition and healthy habits as well as always finding innovative ways to motivate and inspire patients to get healthier. I am fascinated with nutrition and how the body responds to what we eat. I have become a food nazi and that is my niche at Medi. I am not an expert on exercise but my brain is filled with thousands of food labels and song lyrics.

I am not naturally thin or fit. I have to work hard to stay healthy and I struggle as much as the next person. Preferring to read a great book,  I really am not fanatical about fitness.  It falls in the paying taxes and getting a colonoscopy category of must do. You will never find me running or doing a burpee but I do like to weight train so that is my daily workout.  I love the results but will whine about the process. Nonetheless, I do it anyway. Secretly, I wish I was a Crossfitter–maybe someday.

I am all about keeping things real-no pretenses-no facades-just being an open, honest, and true to the whole staying healthy process. I shoot straight with my Medi patients and do not candy coat much. “Most Direct Counselor” was my recent award. That is the purpose of this blog. To educate, to inspire, to be honest about the journey.

Stay strong and never, ever give up. You have only one life and it is NOT a dress rehearsal. Make it count!



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